Engine block / lower engine part / shortblock - maintenance and general overhaul

- Demounting, cleaning and measuring
- Face milling of the engine block
- Drilling, honing and lapping of cylinders
- Grinding, polishing and balancing of the crankshaft
- Easing of the crankshaft drive with a flywheel
- Processing of piston rods
- Renewing of big end bushes
- Oversize pistons and specially crafted pistons
- Renewing of main and big end bearings
- Renewing of all gasket seals
- Renewing of linkages with rails
- Renewing of the oil pan or the water pump if needed 
Cylinder head processing - maintenance and general overhaul

- Demounting, cleaning
- Redrilling of the injectors
- Bead breaking, welding
- Face milling
- Valve seats milled, force fitted
- Valves grinded in, tested for leaks
- Guides renewed
- Helicoil-Element
- Ducts milled and polished

Installed in models

Installed in following models:

W100 Mercedes 600
W109 300 SEL 6,3
W116 450 SEL 6,9


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