Replacement engines

Overhauled replacement engine for gasoline driven Smart 

The engines are revised by passing through several work stations which are subdivided into process steps. - Polishing of cylinder head, grinding-in of specially hardened valves.
- Crankshaft polishing and rebalancing.
- Drilling, honing and face milling of the engine block.
- Renewing of pistons and piston rings.
- Installation of a revised oil pan.

Manual precision work and many years of experience ensure the long endurance of your engine.

Revised oil pan

To assure complete drain of used engine oil for the future we install an oil drain plug at the lowest point of the oil pan.

QM system

Our company is DIN ISO 9001 certified by TÜV (Technical Supervisory Association) Rheinland / Cologne. This verifies constant quality by strict quality control.

Included in delivery

Scope of supply:

1 overhauled engine with 0 km
- Engine disassembled and completely cleaned
- Cylinder head completely cleaned
- Outlet and intake ports blasted
- Including new valves with hardened wolfram-carbide flange
- Including new valve seals
- Valve seats milled
- Valves grinded-in
- Cylinder head face milled
- Valves tested for leaks
- Valve springs installed
- Engine block drilled, honed and face milled
- Crankshaft polished and balanced
- Pistons/piston rings renewed
- Reconditioned oil pan with oil-drain plug
- Rotary shaft seal
- Spark plugs
- Oil filter

Usual delivery period: 1-3 work days


Service details:

Running-in period: The first 3.000 km shall be deemed as the running-in period. During this period the engine should not be revved over 4.000 rpm.

There should be used a mineral running-in oil for the initial filling.

The first engine service has to be effected within 700 - 1.000 km. Thenceforth the engine has to be driven with Castrol RS 10W60.

All ensuing services have to be effected in 10.000 km intervals - at least once a year. The spark plugs have to be replaced every 30.000 km. Failing to conduct the required services causes the guarantee to be void. The services generally have to be effected in authorized workshops or Smart associate companies.



1 year / 50.000 km (what occurs first) on shipped engines 2 years / 50.000 km (first condition to occur) if installed at a Smart center 2 years / 50.000 km (first condition to occur) if installed at our company

During the period of guarantee we specify the following engine oils to be used:

Running-in period: HD30 

Following services: Castrol RS 10W60

During the period of guarantee we specify the following spark plugs to be used:

NGK 5649 BKR-6EKE - order no. 5649

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