Operation principle


It is generally known, that the performance of an engine is much better in cooler weather conditions than in blistering heat. A similar behaviour can be observed with fuel. The efficiency of cooler fuel increases and reduces the engines fuel consumption.

Operation mode

Operation mode

The patented fuel cooling system is attached to the low pressure side of the air-conditioning system.
The fuel is cooled by the circumfluent air-conditioning fluid that is itself cooled by the air conditioning compressor.
The integration into the air-conditioning cooling circuit does not effect the capabilities of the AC.

Scope of service

Scope of services

- Evacuation of the air conditioning system
- Supply of two new climate pipe, respectively modification of the existing climate pipe.
- Supply of a new fuel line, respectively modification if the existing fuel line.
- Individual adjustment through pressure resistant fittings
- Supply and assembly of the fuel cooler
- 6 hours assembly time depending on the vehicle type

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