High-Grade Steel Catalytic Converters (EXPORT)
Silencer System
made of VA High-Grade Steel
Silencer System made of Titanium


Track Widening Spacers
10 mm/each site resp. 20 mm/each axle front
Track Widening Spacers
10 mm/each site resp. 20 mm/each axle rear
Track Widening Spacers
15 mm/each site resp. 30 mm/each axle front
Track Widening Spacers
15 mm/each site resp. 30 mm/each axle rear
Track Widening Spacers
Track Widening Spacers 20 mm/each site resp. 40 mm/each axle rear.
Twin-screwed, original wheel bolts can be used.
30mm with lowering spring set. Sporty-save road ability and still comfortable
Improved stabilizer for front axle. For saver cornering ability.
Improved stabilizer for front and rear axle. For saver cornering ability.


Brake line kit and racing brake fluid Castrol SRF.
High-Performance Brake System
378mm brake disc at the front axle for 6-piston brake caliper and brake lining set as well as racing brake fluid Castrol SRF and brake line kit.
Attention: At least 19" inch tires necessary at the front axle.
Limited-slip differential
For all CLK-Classes with automatic transmission. Improved traction and acceleration, improved cornering ability. For road and race track.


Fuel Cooler
Engine Oil Cooling System
Transmission Oil Cooling System
For highly required transmissions and for all those customers, who want to foster their transmission exceedingly. Including tubes and fittings.


Three-part forged rim with titanium colored spokes
- 9,0 J x 20 Front axle
- 10,5 J x 20 Rear axle
Mounting-Kit for rim-set
Four sensors per car needed.
Varnished Spokes
Spokes varnished in prefered color (additional charge for special paint).
dreiteilige Felge 01


Rear Lip (for trunk)
For limousines.
Carbon Rear Lip (for trunk)
Consisting of high class carbon. For limousines.


Sport Steering Wheel
Sport steering wheel made of leather.
(Optional carbon or real wood inlays).
Speedometer-Upgrade to 330 km/h

Aluminium Pedals

Velours Floor Mats.


chrome writing in single letters for trunk lid.

round with black background and chrome-plated writing for trunk lid and engine hood (replaces Mercedes emblem).

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Product Range CLK-Class W209

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